Artisan Cheese

Luke Uncategorized

We have been making headway with our cheese. The cheese cave is complete and is now filling nicely with large wheels of aging hard cheeses. Cuenca’s moderate and unchanging climate works well for cheese storage and our cheese room maintains an ideal temperature and humidity without the need for mechanical cooling.


We are making  alpine cheeses, and a natural rind mild washed curd cheese based off of an old Colby cheese recipe. All our cheeses are made with raw milk. The Colby is a fun cheese as it is ready to eat within a month. The colby is the cheese pictured on the left above. It also makes for a great sandwich cheese.

This past Saturday we put the entire day’s milk production into cheese, roughly 300 liters of milk. We produced two large wheels of Alpine Tomme and a traditional Cheddar which we bound with cheese cloth and covered in butter to age. Should make for some interesting cheese in the coming months.