Dairy Products

Products and Pricing

We currently have the following products available for sale. You can buy them on our farm or by arrangement in Cuenca. We are currently doing in home deliveries. Email the night before so we can have your delivery ready and the logistics lined up.

Whole Raw Milk, chilled and bottled after that mornings milking (sold in 2 liter plastic jugs, these are new bottles, not recycled.)…………..$2.25/bottle

Cream, skimmed from the top of last nights milk (sold by the liter) …………..$2.00/liter

Hard Cheeses ………….. (this selection changes as cheese reaches maturity in the cheese cave….we currently have a variety of Alpine cheeses, Cheddar and Colby aging, we strive to make excellent cheeses at reasonable prices) Our artisan natural rind raw milk Colby is available in limited quantities now. It has a mild flavor with a soft edible rind that adds a stronger taste if you desire. …………..$7/pound

Swiss Style Cream Cheese, a soft spreadable cheese that is great on sandwiches or veggies. (We produce this upon request, so just let us know 2 days in advance and we will whip up a batch fresh for you.) …………..$1.50/half pound container.

Raw Farmstead Butter …………..$3/pound

Natural Greek Style Yogurt, with no additives or preservatives, just milk ………….. $2 for a 22 ounce container.

Blackberry Jam, great as a topping on the yogurt or our fresh bread.

Fresh Baked Artisan Bread* …………..  $1.50 for medium sized loaf, $2.25 for a large loaf

*Get a free mini loaf of bread with a purchase of $5 or more



Finding safe delicious milk to drink in Ecuador can be difficult. Packaged store bought milk is ultra-pasteurized. While it is safe to drink, it tastes terrible and the pasteurization process degrades the quality of milk while killing off beneficial probiotics and antimicrobial enzymes. Alternatively, you can buy fresh milk in the market or from a local farmer. As it hasn’t been cooked to death this milk may taste great. However, milking conditions and milk handling can be less than  sanitary. Milk from hand milked cows can easily be contaminated with ecoli or other manure based diseases. All it takes is a swish of the cow’s tail.  Brucellosis (a livestock disease that can be transmitted to humans) is present in Azuay and problematic in Canar. Our cows will soon be certified Brucellosis free by the ministry of agriculture. We also milk the cows using procedures that minimize bacteria and mastitis problems. With years of experience milking cows in the United States, with oversight from a dairy inspector, we are accustomed to maintaining a high level of sanitation.



We have an expanding line of cheeses, made from our grass based fresh milk. We have Alpine Tomme, Parmesan, Cheddar, and Colby aging in the cheese cave now, with more variety and options to come over time.
By request we have  delicious cream cheese. It spreads great on bread or crackers, or make a healthy appetizer spreading it on sliced cucumbers or salary.


We make a thick Greek-style yogurt, a yogurt to be eaten with a spoon. Our yogurt is prepared fresh and with minimal processing to preserve yogurt’s natural probiotics and beneficial enzymes (and to create great living cultures for the next batch). No additional sugar, thickeners or flavors are added to our yogurt. The only ingredient is fresh grass based milk.

While we now milk in a cement milking parlor…..we used to milk on the mountain side…..we still have music