Plowing with Oxen

Luke On The Farm


Two years ago Jack and Bill were born, two red colored bull calves within the same month. Their unique coloring and friendly disposition made them hard to get rid of. While we normally sell bull calves as soon as possible, we couldn’t bring ourselves to take this pair to the livestock fair, and instead decided we would keep them for an oxen team.

Fast forward two years and Jack and Bill are nearly grown up and ready to work. Last week we took them up to pig pasture with our hand made traditional plow.


The pigs are kept in a movable electric net fence, and while they should eventually give birth to lots more piglets, their current job is to pre-plow the grass, getting it ready for the oxen and planting.

We hooked the oxen up to the plow and the fun began.

bulls-and-pigs-12bulls-and-pigs-11bulls-and-pigs-13bulls-and-pigs-7 bulls-and-pigs-10


They need more work, but Jack and Bill are on the right track and Thomas had fun watching us chase after the oxen.

Back down the hill for more training, and some modifications to our yoke. But it won’t be long now and we’ll be planting potatoes in the pig pasture.
Thanks to our visiting guests Alex and Dina for the pictures.