The Farm

Nestled in the mountains north of Cuenca our farm spans 90 hectares of pasture and native forest stretching from the river bottom at roughly 2800m (9186 ft) to over 3350m (10990 ft) in the mountains on the upper portion of the farm .  We milk around 30 cows every day and raise our own produce and meat.

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We are a family of 7, that has migrated to the Cuenca area, after years of dairy farming in the United States. We like to see cows eating grass and harvesting their own food from the fields. Cuenca – commonly referred to as the land of eternal spring – has green grass year round, making this an ideal location for dairy.
Hacienda Chan Chan is first and foremost a dairy farm. However, we feel fortunate to own such a beautiful property and would like to be able to share it with others. If you have an interest in agriculture, need a place to go hiking, or are looking for a good glass of milk; Hacienda Chan Chan may be the place for you. We’re located just 30 to 40 minutes from Cuenca and would be happy to have you visit.

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